Wyvernians Old Boys Database

To see a list of old boys and staff who have made themselves known to us over the years
 CLICK/TAP HERE. then CLICK/TAP the thumbnail for the current database.
(or click/tap here for a spreadsheet view). 

The list is in 2 parts. The first part is in alphabetical surname order, the second part in order of surname within date started.

Please note that the information may not be accurate or up to date. Please report any errors or changes to the Secretary.

Want to contact someone on the list? If we have their email address (indicated by a YES in the email column of the database list) we can send them an email on your behalf. Just make a note of their details (Full Name, Years at school and Roll No. (found in the first column of the list)) then email us at     cbsleicester@gmail.com with this information, your own details (name, years at school) plus any message.
We will then forward the relevant contents of your email to that person informing them that you wish to get in touch.
NOTE that we cannot guarantee that email addresses we hold on the database are current and correct.
Also note that we will do our best to avoid giving out your contact details without your prior knowledge.

Want to join? Please email cbsleicester@gmail.com with your details:

Your Name
Years at School

Where are they now?

If you are trying to track down an ex pupil or staff member who we don't currently have any contact information for, then send us details via the Contacts link HERE. We will then publish brief details of your appeal below and include all relevant information in the next Old Wyves' Tales newsletter. We will also post your appeal on our Facebook page if you so wish.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of someone being searched for then please get in touch via the Contacts link above.

To start the ball rolling:

  • Sept 2016 - Geoff German (1965-71) is trying to locate John Anderson , who was Head of History in the late sixties / early seventies. It is believed he might have gone on to be Deputy Head of Desford College. Fuller details of this appeal will appear on our Facebook page & in OWT 92