History of CBS Book - Digital Download

Now that we have sold out of the printed copy of Andy Marlow's fabulous book about the history of our school, we can offer a digital copy to download over the internet.

To try before you buy click here. to see a preview of the book. (you might need to zoom in to create a readable font size).

To pay for and download your copy click the Paypal Buy Now button further down this page - but before you do, please take a moment to read the notes on this page.

Comments from our first customer
"The download process went perfectly. The instructions were clear and accurate, I have a Paypal account so I used that and the interface, in and out, was flawless.
The download took just a couple of minutes for the full file and I was able to start reading immediately, so, good job."

For mobile/tablet viewers:
  • the book is a PDF file which CAN be handled on most mobile devices (free apps for reading PDF files are available from your app store if necessary) but the layout may not be super mobile friendly. However the 3 column landscape layout of pages should make reading more than manageable on mobiles.
  • the file size is quite large (75MB) - however it is possible to download the book in smaller readable units (individual chapters) - these can be uploaded individually and removed when finished with.
Download speeds
On a low speed broadband connection expect download times of 20 minutes or more (because of the book's size (75MB)). For this reason 2 download options are available in the instructions that will be emailed to you:-
  • download in one go or
  • download one "chapter" at a time
Which you choose is up to you - but both options will be available to you at all times.

Payment will be via a secure connection to Paypal - however you don't need a Paypal account yourself. When you are required to choose a payment method, if you don't have a Paypal account, you just opt to pay by credit/debit card then provide Paypal with your card details etc when asked.

At the end of your Paypal transaction you will be given a number of choices - please click on the option that states "Return to smiggy....." You will then be taken back to our website where you will be asked to provide a contact email address. The download instructions will be instantly emailed to that address - so PLEASE enter your email address CAREFULLY. Thank you!

If you wish to buy a copy of the book in this format please click the Buy Now button below to continue.

The Book to download                                                                                                       £5.00

If you experience ANY problems with your purchase of the book please don't hesitate to contact us on cbsleicester@gmail.com

NOTE: In the unlikely event that you don't have the relevant (free) Adobe Acrobat reader software on your computer/laptop (to read pdf files) you can download a free copy here:-


If you don't currently have a PDF reader on your mobile device a free one should be available from the appropriate app store.

If you prefer reading a paper copy: you can copy the downloaded file called "CBSbook-in-full" (OR the individual chapters - but not both!) onto a memory stick then take it to your local copy shop. Charges for black & white A4 printing vary considerably but can be quite reasonable if you are prepared to shop around (Note: only the front & back covers of this 250 page book are in colour).

I know it's not quite the same as the real thing! - but still.....