Bill Mann's Photo Albums

Here are some photos of City of Leicester Boys Grammar School, after their move to Downing Drive in 1965. This collection has been compiled from retired master Bill Mann's albums (1965-72) by Andy Marlow and Mike Ratcliff.

Can you help to put some names to faces?

Take a look through over 200 photos from the mid 1960s to early 1970s:-
(click on the year to open the collection for that year in a new window - then click on one of the pictures to enlarge it. You can then scroll through individual photos one at a time using the scroll arrows at the bottom of the screen). Happy viewing!

     Photos from school year 1965/66 and on Facebook

     Photos from school year 1966/67 and on Facebook

     Photos from  school year 1967/68 and on Facebook

     Photos from school year 1968/69 and on Facebook

     Photos from school year 1969/70 and on Facebook

     Photos from school year 1970/71 and on Facebook

     Photos from school year 1971/72 and on Facebook

     Class photos from school year 1970/71 and on Facebook

Click/Tap here for a photo index in pdf format.
NOTE: Clicking on a photo number in this index will take you directly to the Facebook version of the photo.

If you want to have a go at the name game, these photos have also been placed onto our Facebook page - where it will be easier to have your say (providing that you are registered on Facebook). You can either click on the relevant Facebook link above or click the Facebook link attached to each photo (NOTE you DON'T need to be registered with Facebook just to browse - but plenty of our generation have signed up (for free!) and lived to tell the tale!!).

NOTE Facebook members can now have a go at tagging (adding names to faces) - even if the face is not a Facebook member.
To tag non-members - choose the face, type in their name and then hit ESC, the drop-down menu will disappear and the name you typed in will remain. Then press Enter and Facebook will tag the photo without linking it to anyone - simplz!

If you want to contribute to the name game but are not a Facebook member, you can email Andy Marlow on Give him the photo number (each photo is uniquely numbered CBSnnn) and the name of the person & their position on the photo. Good Luck!

Finally - here are some miscellaneous photos from the 1960s (not recommended for those of a sensitive nature!)

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